Naturheilpraxis Kathy Lemburg
Osteopathie - Physiotherapie
- Privatpraxis -
Griegstrasse 17 - 22763 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 / 23 81 66 12

The first appointment includes a detailed interview and physical examination.
Whenever possible, I try to reserve 80 min. for this, the subsequent sessions then last 60 min. each (incl. undressing and dressing, scheduling the next appointment, etc.).
Please take into account that the cost per session is 90 Euros.
To prepare for a first session, you can try to mentally recollect past illnesses, accidents or operations. If you are currently taking medicine, a respective overview may be helpful as well. In the further course of the sessions the procedures of examination and treatment will increasingly overlap.

The costs follow the fee schedule for naturopathic practitioners.